AA Independent Press Guide |

A comprehensive guide to small press publications lovingly maintained by artist and writer Dee Rimbaud. Listings include pubs in the U.S. as well as the United Kingdom -- Dee is based in Scotland.

Fiji Island Mermaid Press |

A wonderful visual archive of the series is being maintained by Marc Snyder over on his Fiji Island Mermaid Press (FIMP) website. When you check out the archive, make sure to take a look at the rest of the FIMP website which showcases the artwork of Marc and other artists.

Little Orphan Anton |

What do you get when you cross the Little Orphan Annie comic strip with local singer/songwriter Anton Barbeau? Tim Foster's funny comic strip, which ran for several semesters in the UC Davis Aggie and are now archived here. Of the various odd characters that populate the weekly strip, "Stigmata Girl" is a personal favorite.

Tim Foster's Crosley Report |

What is Losin' Streaks front man and cartoonist fixating on when he's not singin' or cartoonin'? Comically small cars, of course. Crosley cars are the Poems-For-All of the automotive world. More miniature than a Mini by a mile. The Crosley Report chronicles one man's obsession with the diminutive Crosley.

Sacramento Poetry Center |

News of the events and activities (including their weekly monday readings) of the oldest literary organization in Sacramento. An online version of the SPC newsletter, Poetry Now, is also available here.

Eskimo Pie's Sacramento Poetry Art Music (SPAM) |

Not your run-of-the-mill Pork Shoulder Meat Product, Eskimo Pie Girl (aka Rebecca Morrison) maintains the best poetry event calendar in Sacramento. Additionally the site is brimming with poetry and prose from poets near and far.

Medusa's Kitchen |

Daily news from the Snakepit of Rattlesnake Press and the cauldron that contains the rich poetry stew that is Sacramento and its Northern California environs. Brew us up some other stuff! — poetry, news of poetry events, and other poet-finalia and tasty tidbits. The Snake needs constant feeding...

Sacramento Free Press |

Dubbed "the vulgar tongue of the masses," SFP represents Poems-For-All creator Richard Hansen's alter ego, a place where news of place and politic mingle; and the incubation point for the world's smallest newspaper...